31 May 2015

Barkham Blue wins British Cheese Awards 2015

Barkham Blue was picked from nearly a thousand cheeses entered into this year's British Cheeses Awards to be named supreme champion.

The soft, creamy blue, which is made with Channel Island milk in Berkshire by Sandy and Andy Rose of Two Hoots Cheese, was named Best Blue and then went on to take the overall title at the competition, held at the Royal Bath & West show.

29 May 2015

Kirkham's Lancashire two ways: Classic and Tasty

'What's your favourite cheese' is one of those impossible questions to answer, like 'what's your favourite album?' or 'which is better, crisps or biscuits?' 

But there are some cheeses I go back to again and again. Barkham Blue is one, so is Stawley goats' cheese and I have a deep love for gouda-style Berwick Edge on the rare occasions I can find it. Kirkham's Lancashire is another that I always buy when I can.

Ruth Kirkham first began making Lancashire at Beesley Farm, near Goosenargh, more than 35 years ago, after being taught how to make the cheese by her own mother. Still involved today, the famous Mrs Kirkham has passed on her expertise and the bulk of cheese-making duties to her son Graham, while her husband John still looks after the cows.