28 May 2014

Rosary goat's cheese wins British Cheese Awards 2014

Flavoured cheeses are often frowned upon by fromage purists, but this year's winner of the British Cheese Awards proves there are some great examples out there.

Rosary goat's cheese, flavoured with garlic and herb, was named Supreme Champion at yesterday's awards, which saw more than 1,000 entries from 177 British and Irish cheesemakers.

Made by Chris and Clare Moody on the Hampshire and Wiltshire border, the pasteurised cheese is soft, fluffy and speckled with fresh herbs and garlic.It is sold in Waitrose and by delis including Arch House Deli in Bristol and Victoria's Deli in Cambridge.

9 May 2014

Hafod: taking it slow

It only takes a few weak rays of sunshine for Brits to start flashing the flesh and breaking out the flip-flops, but that's nothing compared to the delirium of cows when spring arrives. According to Sam Holden of Holden Farm Dairy in West Wales, setting the cows loose in the fields for the first time after the winter is one of the great moments in a farmhouse cheesemaker's year.