10 Jul 2011

Up-and-coming producer debuts British Reblochon

Julianna trained at Capriole Dairy in the US
After learning her trade with artisan producers in the US and the UK, an up-and-coming young cheesemaker from Hungary has launched her own company, producing a Reblochon-style raw milk cheese.

Julianna Sedli has worked for companies including Capriole Dairy in the US, Neal’s Yard Dairy and Wootton Organic, but has now launched her own business called The Old Cheese Room, which is based at a converted outbuilding on the Neston Park Estate in Wiltshire.

Her newly launched Reblochon-style cheese is called Baronet and is made with the Estate’s Jersey cows’ milk. It will initially only be sold through Neston Park Farm Shop before distribution is expanded to farmers’ markets and other retailers. Other new cheeses are also being developed.

“Reblochon is a cheese I have always loved, but this is something a little bit different. The Jersey milk has a high fat and protein content, which gives it a mellow buttery flavour with a hint of lemon,” she said. “There’s a gap in the market for a British-style Reblochon. Something like Stinking Bishop has a very different texture.” 

The cheese is named in reference to Sir James Fuller, who is the fourth Baronet of the Neston Park Estate and is on the board at his family’s famous London brewery Fuller’s. His wife Lady Venetia Fuller set up the farm shop in 2009.
* First published in the Cheeswire section of Fine Food Digest's July 2011 issue. Click here